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Founder's Message

It is my wish that Aditya Group of Schools shall light in the direction of learning by doing, learning by understanding, enabling themfor research and innovations ...
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Chairman's Message

Aditya is an exciting and pleasant, academic flank, steadfast in raising the best promising learning capability for every single student with the aim ...
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 My dear fraternity of Aditya clan

      I am indeed happy to interact with you through this almanac for the year 2010-2011. Let me wish you all the best in all your endeavours. May you embrace success by holding the right virtue of your diligence coupled with intelligence.       Human beings are considered to be the wisest of all animals because of extraordinary power of thinking and exhibiting their emotions in a very obvious way. How to nurture, polish and develop the thinking capacity is the question before us. Education is the only way to improve and reach greater heights with righteous thinking.

      There is a need for paradigm shift in the evaluation process. Aditya’s vision is to give the students the all round capability including creativity, observation and knowledge empowerment leading to the generation of excellent performing citizens with sterling character.

      Eventhough schools are rated on the basis of the Board result, Aditya strives to achieve the holistic development of a child with the new initiative of Formative and Summative Assessment, rightly followed from class Montessori to Class X in accordance with the directives of the C.B.S.E. The students are assessed in various parameters which would help them to participate in all the activities for all round development.

      As an innovative measure, the parents are invited to the school to observe all the activities throughout the day. This has a tremendous welcome from the parents which is obvious from their valuable suggestions. This system will continue for the following academic years and the willing parents will be given first preference.        An e-mail ID of the Principal has already been given to the parents for recording their complaints, suggestions and grievances. This also has an accolade among the parents and public.

      As the world is of competitive nature, unless we compete with others using modern technology we will be lagging behind in the race. Therefore our management, unmindful of the huge investment involved, has benevolently introduced Digi classes. Perhaps, ours is the only school, with all the 120 class rooms, converted into Digi class rooms shifting from the traditional/conventional chalk, talk, black-board class rooms to the modernized three dimensional computerized class rooms. In every class room, we have an interactive board, a projector, a computer with internet facilities which is connected to a master server for an easy access. This facility improves the absorption level of students from 35% to 75% as per scientific studies. This will ultimately kindle and motivate the students and thereby make learning more meaningful and enjoyable. By this, we earnestly feel, that the thinking style of the students will definitely undergo a rapid change.

       Our teachers are given orientation programme with an in-service intensive training to suit to the emerging knowledge society. The starting of IIT foundation course right from VIII std will be a boost to the students who are aspiring for the best career by getting admitted into the world class education centres. Producing cent percent result for the consecutive years is an evidence on the hard work put up by the dedicated staff of our Aditya family.

       The unique CCA in our school is on an expansion spree this year too. We have planned to add foreign languages in the CCA classes taking into consideration the need for the multilingual knowledge based requirement for competing in the global village.

       Knowing fully well the expectations expected of any educational institution by the Parents and the society that qualitative cent percent result with all round development is the prime factor, our teachers and the taught are geared up towards achieving the goal in the right earnest manner on the rightful directions of our Chairman Shri Ashok Anand and the righteous guidelines of our Founder Shri C. Anandane.

       As education is a continuous process from womb to tomb, every day, every minute and every second we learn for widening our horizon. I pray that let success be yours in all your earnest efforts and let the Sun in the name of the Aditya Vidyashram be ever shining.


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