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Founder's Message

Aditya stands to be the changeover with a glut of creativities we wish to see in our education.It's our esteem bliss to be a part of education in our nation...
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Chairman's Message

At Aditya we seek to elevate our students to be a paradigm of mission and ingenuity, facilitate them to reason significantly, converse well with integrated values....
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 Career Guidance Programme
Career Guidance
Aditya Vidyashram envisages and ensures career based education for the students. Career guidance forms an important part of the national strategy for youth and the approach for developing employability opportunities as an integral part on the Foundations of the Education System. It plays a significant role in helping students to develop the knowledge and skills needed for making wise choices, manage transitions in learning and move into the higher education/ workplace.

Career guidance refers to 'a totality of experiences' by which students acquire knowledge and attitudes about self and work, as well as the skills to plan and prepare for a career, consisting a range of dimensions Like : Individual student planning, Career exploration, career-related experiences and a guidance program for further studies.

To motivate and encourage career guidance awareness among students, our school conducts Specialized lecturing from reputed institutions, PPT competition for classes from IX to XII, Career sensitization through Bulletin Board.

The Major Objectives of the Career Guidance are:

  • To illustrate how guidance careers could play a role in the Senior Secondary (SS) curriculum
  • To demonstrate some good practices in careers education and guidance
  • To enhance effectiveness, synergy and sustainability in schools
S. No. Day and Date Session Topic Resource Person Name and Designation Classes Time
1 Tuesday - 15/09/15 Career guidance Mr. Jambulingam, Head of the Department, Pondicherry University. XI & XII Commerce Students (Aditya Vidyashram & Samarth) 10.30 am – 12.00 noon
2 Wednesday - 07/10/15 Career guidance Mr. Ravichandran, Professor of Chemistry, Government College, Puducherry XI & XII Science Students(Aditya Vidyashram & Gurugram) 10.30 am – 1.00 pm
3 Thursday - 15/10/15 Job Prospects Mr.KaliyaEthiraj, Director Krishnasamy Engineering College, Puducherry.President of All College Association. XI & XII Students - (Aditya Vidyashram & Gurugram) 10.30 am – 12.00 noon
4 Tuesday - 15/09/15 Communication as a powerful tool for career chances Ms. Stella Joseph Teacher, Gurugram XI & XII Students(Samarth) 12.00 am – 1.30 pm
5 Monday - 16/11/15 Macro & Micro way of job selection R.K. RajasundaraRajan Teacher, Aditya Vidyashram XI & XII Students (Aditya Vidyashram & Gurugram) 10.00 am – 11.00 am